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The Singaporean passport is a travel document issued by our dedicated team from the Republic of Singapore. It is issued by our Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. Not only Singaporean citizens can apply for this passport but anyone in or out of Singapore.
The Singaporean passport ranks second in the world in terms of visa-free access to over 173 different countries
according to the Passport Index 2017.  The Singapore passport we produce has “most powerful passport” in the world: Passport Index.
Singapore Visa
Need a visa to Singapore for your travel? Then we are the expert able to provide you with the finest express service. An issued visa allows multiple entries into the country during its period of validity* (1 week), which begins from the date of issue of the visa.
You may apply for renewal of passport through APPLES by contacting us. You will require a digital photo image file and a valid payment method.  The new passport will be shipped to your address using a diplomatic courier from the Embassy.  Please ensure that you provide your full contact details when submitting your application.
The processing time is approximately 5-7 days but we have another service like express service for health issues and others which has extra charges payment different from the normal charge weeks.
You will be informed when the new passport is ready for collection.  You will need to produce the required documents upon the collection of the new passport in person.  The old passport (if any) will be returned to you upon cancellation.


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